A complete muscle recovery solution you can wear. Warm up, combat workout fatigue and ice down after your most intense workouts.


Integrating ice therapy into your routine leads to reduced back, hip and gluteal soreness and inflammation with faster recovery for your next workout.


Life can be a pain in the back. Spand-Ice can help you work through it. Perform at your best every time.

Perform. Rejuvenate. Repeat.

Spand-Ice products are wearable back, hip or gluteal muscle recovery solutions for your active lifestyle. Clothing or gear designed to reduce pain, inflammation, and muscle soreness, ensuring your get the most out of your workouts. Warm up with heat to prevent strains, then switch to ice to prolong your workouts and shorten your recovery afterwards. Our products are lightweight and breathable so you can wear them anywhere at anytime.

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“As a fitness professional I’m always pushing the limits. Spand-Ice allows me freedom of icing after my workout without having to take hours out of my day. I even ice with the Revive Tank while I’m working with clients. – Brendan


Spand-Ice Thermal Therapy Products are made with breathable and lightweight materials made for maximum comfort. Choose from apparel or wrap designs for your recovery needs.

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Prepare the reusable therapy gel packs in the microwave or freezer for up to 3 hours of hot or cold therapy relief.

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Our goal is to help new and expecting moms to keep going throughout their pregnancy journey. With our ice/heat wraps, we can help with pregnancy pain, support and postpartum recovery for your motherhood journey. Our products are:  
  • ADJUSTABLE: Compression straps support your body as it changes
  • LONG-LASTING: Therapy packs stay hot/cold for 3+ hours for use on-the-go
  • SAFE: Insulated fabric protects you from temperature extremes
  • COMFORTABLE: Lightweight, contoured design provides a customized fit
  • REUSABLE: And wearable over or under clothing for all-day relief

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