JennaNow that we’ve gotten our Revive Tanks into the hands of some early customers, we’re starting to hear back on how people are wearing our Revive Tank, what they do while they wear it, and how it helps their back pain.

Jenna Genge is an active girl who lives in Seattle, WA. When she’s not working, she’s biking, doing yoga, cooking or playing with her two dogs Koko and Griff. Below is a Q+A session with Jenna on her experience with the Revive Tank:


Q: Why do you have back pain?

A: I tore the muscles of my lower back 7 years ago and since then, I’ve been struggling with ongoing back pain. Typically overdoing it at the gym or any exercise or movement that targets my lower back can cause severe back pain. Sometimes it takes the smallest movement, bending over to tie my shoes, and my muscles cramp up in my lower back.


Q: What did you do before Revive Tank to help pain / inflammation?

A: Part of my problem with my back pain is finding the time to actually deal with it. I lead a very active lifestyle, going from the gym/yoga early in the morning to work and I never really had the time. I would ice my back occasionally when I had time to sit on the couch. Typically I’d ignore it until it got to the point of limited mobility and excruciating pain. When I did ice, I used either an ice pack, frozen bag of peas or whatever I could find in the freezer at the time.


Q: How has Revive Tank helped you with your pain?

A: The Revive Tank has been AMAZING! I can actually ice, alleviate my pain and still be productive while treating my lower back. For the first time ever, I’ve been able to give my back the icing treatment it needs without having to avoid activities (yoga, workouts) that I love. I’ve been using the Revive Tank now for 3 weeks, a few times a week depending on my activity level. This is the first time in years I’m able to give my back the care it deserves regularly, which helps the long-term effects of having back problems. By icing for 20-30 minutes without having to sit around waiting for results, it has helped alleviate my pain and given me the convenience to keep doing what I need to without trading off treating my back and the rest of my life.


Q: Why do you like it?

A: It’s easy to use and very efficient for targeting my lower back. I’m able to work, make dinner, walk the dogs, and run errands with the ease of being able to ice at the same time.


Q: What do you do when you are using it?

A: I do everything I would normally do. That’s the beauty. Its targeted relief and revitalization don’t impede my daily schedule. It enables me to keep up with my workouts and lifestyle while conveniently caring for my back.