In the world of sports medicine, cryotherapy (ice therapy) is among the most common and well-known methods for treating muscle pain and injuries. That is the premise and foundation that started Spand-Ice.

However, more and more medical validation is proving that people who aren’t injured can also benefit from icing during and after activities to push themselves further, recover faster and reduce the risk of injury.


What happens to your muscles when you exercise?

Simply put: exercise makes your muscles heat up, which increases the metabolic stress on your muscles. This, in turn, leads to increased inflammation and fatigue while the activity continues. Once you muscles are fatigued, your work output decreases significantly, and the risk of muscle injury increases.


Why should tired and fatigued muscles be iced?

Cryotherapy is proven to reduce muscular inflammation and slow cell metabolism in the face of injury.  But ice therapy can also be extremely helpful for muscle repair after a tough training session or rigorous activity. The cold application causes your blood vessels to tighten (vasoconstriction), to drain out lactic acid, and allow muscles to recover faster.

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Can icing help me go longer in my activity?

Additional research shows that by keeping muscles at more appropriate temperatures, it will delay fatigue and allow people to last longer in anything from regular exercise activities to elite athletic exercise regimes.

In fact, a study by Meyers shows that by icing during downtimes between activities (i.e. between weight lifting sets) can actually help you to delay the onset of fatigue and produce more total output power to last longer.


Can icing help me prevent injury?

Since icing can delay fatigue, as shown in Meyers’ study with interval icing, you can reduce your risk for injury. How so? In many cases once you’re tired, it’s easier to hurt yourself.


How can Spand-Ice help?

Using Spand-Ice’s thermal therapy isn’t just for extreme athletes, but it also provides benefits to regular people performing regular activities.  Whether you’re lifting weights at the gym, playing 18 holes of golf, or working for hours in the yard, wearing a Spand-Ice Revive Tank allows your back to recover from fatigue and discomfort faster during or after activity. Our Revive Tank ultimately allows you to ice easier and more often and gives you the ability to last longer and recover quicker for the next activity.


Read below for additional information on muscle biology during and post activity and the effects of icing:

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